all the details. On time.

You want accurate script notes that communicate the director's vision to the editor. You want to be sure there's enough coverage for the editor to cut a scene. You really want to be sure all the coverage matches.

Enter moi—keen eyes, crazy-good memory, and tidy handwriting!


I'm your left brain. I've got the details covered so you can focus on the big picture. I'm easy to work with and know that the decisions are ultimately up to you—and I'm OK with that.
What I do >>


Forget about continuity. You'll be able to do that with me on the job. I track everything so you don't have to worry about re-shoots or lost angles. My PRs are clear and accurate so the ADs can process them quickly and move on to the other 50 things they have to do. Get in touch >>


You'll never have to start cutting without notes. I scan and email my notes straight to you at the end of every day. (I can also get you hardcopies if you kick it old-school.)
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I want to say thank you again for your tireless eyes, positive fun attitude, and meticulous work on Side Effect.... There have been no questions or scrambles to locate a take, and everything has been cutting together really well, and overall the process is going very smoothly; and I thought to myself—Erin ROCKS!

Liz Adams, Director