V-Day’s City of Joy

It was so gratifying to work on a website for such a great organization. V-Day is Eve Ensler’s project dedicated to ending violence toward women and girls. City of Joy serves women and girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is a very dangerous place to be female.

In addition to a tight 4-week deadline, the site design required an unusually complex navigation feature. If I may geek out for a bit, I’ll explain it — it was so much fun to develop! The main navigation menu is a list of links plus a grid of thumbnail images, one for each link. The thumbnail image is set using WordPress’s Featured Image functionality. That makes it very easy for site admins to change the images out. I used CSS filters to display each image in grayscale (except for IE 10, which required a Javascript solution, sigh), then wrote just a few lines of jQuery to colorize each link’s corresponding thumbnail on hover, and vice versa.

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Screenshot of City of Joy website